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Maintenance Service

Hino Yemen provides its customers with world-class & certified maintenance services, thanks to the efficiency of the experienced maintenance team. they were highly trained by experts in truck maintenance field, as well as their comprehensive knowledge of all aspects related to customer service. In order to obtain the best maintenance service, it is preferable to maintain the truck within the approved maintenance centers of Markazia, as it provides certified repair work, original spare parts, and replacement operations that comply with manufacturing conditions. In addition to conduct periodic maintenance operations, to enhancing the operational life of the truck, in order to reach the maximum operating time, all of that saves the truck and makes it in its original condition, and increases its value in case of resale.

In addition to competitive prices periodic maintenance,
maintenance contracts and factory warranty (3 years or 100,000 km) give Hino customers reassurance and ensure that their trucks are up and running at maximum efficiency.

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World-class & Certified maintenance services

International quality

Maintenance contracts

To keep your truck performance up to the best. to ensure safe operations for many upcoming years. All of this is essential to run business smoothly. to achieve this, we offer you a range of periodic maintenance contracts tailored to your needs and requirements. It helps to reduce the cost of truck’s downtime, minimize mechanical breakdowns, leading to minimize truck’s operation cost and maximize operation time. With a sense of relief and peace of mind.

We keen to provide what suits your needs, so we designed several options for maintenance contracts to include various maintenance works, multiple packages of spare parts and original oils.

International quality

Maintenance Schedule

 Your truck shall serve for 1500 KM the first oill change and filter as a free of charge.