About Hino

About Hino Automotive – Japan

Hino one of Toyota Motor Co. company, it’s one of the companies manufacturing light, medium, and heavy trucks in Japan.

Over nearly 100 years of effort and hard work. our goal was to support communities and individuals through basic logistics services for business sustainability and improve services to meet our customers’ needs. that was through our expansion into 93 regions around the world.

Today, we are proud to transfer our global expertise in highway transportation field, by providing trucks that complies with highest international standards and specifications, provided by Hino Yemen, to serve a wide range of local and regional customers within Yemen.

Hino’s Mssion

Our mission is to provide the best expertise

Our mission is to provide the best expertise in highway transportation trucks, as a participation in community prosperity through meeting its growing needs and provide all its urgent requirements including transportation, shipping and serve the best international services.

Since our business first day, we strive to provide our services while giving our customers full attention assisting them to “take care of their customers”, which helps to up their services to higher levels and success of their business. Accordingly, Hino Yemen applies a solid approach  that provides tangible value.